The Calm Patch brings a little calm in a life with too much stress.  Being calmer helps you focus and improves your performance unless you are running away from tigers.  A calmer life is a happier life.

Place the patch, after washing with mild soap and water and drying, in a venous  (a place with a lot of veins) area, preferably where there is not much flexing or hair.  We find it works well on the inside of the forearm or near the spine below the collar.

You should feel a calmer.  The patch will not make you sleepy during the day, nor will it get you high. The effect may be subtle, but after a few days you may find yourself more productive and happy.

You can wear the patch for 3 to 4 days, but some people are more sensitive to the adhesive.  If you feel itching or burning, remove the patch and wash with soap and water.  It is best not to put the patch on an area where a patch has been recently or an area irritated by the sun or anything else.  If you find that you like the patch but do not tolerate the adhesive, there are wipes available that you put on prior to putting on the tape that will create a barrier from the adhesive.

THC-free distillate: USA
Terpenes: USA
Chamomile essential oil:
Egypt Tulsi essential oil: India
Lavender essential oil: France
Bergamot essential oil: Italy
Lemon essential oil: Italy

group of people with their eyes closed meditating