Where do I put the patch?

You can apply the Serenity Patch directly on the pain point. Avoid areas with a lot of hair, flexing or prior irritation.

How long does it last?

The Serenity Patch can be effective for up to 4 days.

Is there THC in the Serenity Patch?

Our formula is free of THC.

Where are the patches made?

We manufacture and dose our patches in the United States. Most of the ingredients are also US sourced.

Can you make patches for other types of products?

Absolutely! Talk to us about it and we’ll make it happen!

How many patches have you manufactured?

We’ve made over 1,000,000 patches in the last couple of years and are still growing.

Is the Serenity Patch easy to apply?

Clean. Peel it. Stick it. GO!

Is this Serenity Patch waterproof?

You can wear it in the shower or while swimming.

Can we White Label your patches?

You absolutely can. We provide a FULL PRODUCTION service that includes manufacturing, printing and packaging patches with your branding. White label means your branding on our product. This is the quickest way to build a product line.

Can we give you our own oil to apply on patches?

Yes you can! You provide us the oil and your artwork in pdf form and we’ll do the rest. We will need a COA as we cannot process THC at this point.

Are these patches legal?

Yes, federally and in almost all states. The FDA has issued a letter that states that topical CBD products are considered cosmetic unless medical claims are made. You can find it on their website or we can share it with you.

Can a person overdose or have negative side effects?

To the best of our knowledge, no one has had adverse effects from using topical patches. In a few rare cases, people have had redness or itching from the adhesive after several days. This is mild and goes away after a short time when the patch is removed.