Serenity Topical Reservoir CBD Patches have brought relief to many people.  In our personal experience and according to many of our customers,  joint and muscle pain diminish to the point that they are able to function.  

We find the best  come results come from applying the patch on clean, dry skin, in a place it can stay on for several days, as close to the painful area as possible.  Avoid hairy areas and places that have a lot of flexion.  Use mild soap and water to clean the area and pat it dry. We find it best to avoid areas where the skin is irritated by exposure to the elements such as the back of the neck (unless you have long hair).

The patch can stay on your skin as long as your skin does not have a negative reaction.  This varies by location on the body and on the person.  If you feel irritation, something like a sunburn or itching, it is best to remove the patch.  Most people can wear a patch for 3 days, many can wear them for 4 days. The worst case that we have seen is slight redness and sometimes itching.  It can be due to a reaction to the adhesive and/or because the tape does not allow the skin to breath.  This can cause redness but usually goes away in a few days.  

We put 100 mg of CBD plus 200 mg of terpenes and other beneficial essential oils to bring as much relief as possible that last for at least 4 days.  Almost everyone who has tried our patch for joint or muscle pain has been impressed with the results. To date, we have not seen or heard of any negative side effects from using our patches. Of course, CBD patches are not a remedy.  If you don’t have pain, or you have nerve pain or acute pain you may not experience any benefit.   An example would be taking an aspirin when you don’t have a headache. 

If pain is keeping you from exercising or being fully functional, a Relief Patch might help.  Be careful not to overdo it, even if the pain disappears.  

DISCLAIMER: This website is not intended to provided medical information and does not claim to cure or treat any disease.