Muscle strain can slow you down and make you very uncomfortable.  Many have found that herbal patches relieve the pain and speed recovery. Patches can give you time release relief for several days.  Often, only one patch is required to carry you through the healing process.

A number of herbs and herbal components have been found to be effective in helping the body recover from muscle, joint and tendon strain. Amongst these are CBD, terpenes (from the hemp plant and others) and essential oils.

These are the oldest and most commonly used medicines.  Most drugs were derived from these natural medicines.  It is no secret that opioids come from a poppy flower and that aspirin comes from the bark of a willow tree.  The ancient Chinese, Egyptians and Greeks all listed Hemp as the most effective remedy for pain and many other conditions.

Of course, not all natural remedies help for all conditions.  We can share with you what people have found worked for them.  Your best approach is to make an informed decision as to what to try and see what works best for you.

Patches are particularly useful for muscle strains because they are put near the pain point and provide a steady stream of relief for several days.  Typically, people find a reduction in pain in about 20 minutes.  The pain will gradually subside until you are able to resume your life.

In some cases, you may have to use several patches, applied  to different locations after removing the previous patch (your skin needs to recover from being covered by the tape). I had to do that for my knee.  I believe that the damage was deep and that much of my pain was due to inflammation.  It took a few patches and about 2 weeks, but after 17 years of limping, I did not complain.

If you think the injury is serious or if the patch does not help, you should probably have your doctor check the injury. Some injuries will require surgery or other medical interventions.

To the best of our knowledge, no negative side effects have been found from the herbal formula used in our Relief patches.  Some people may have a mild reaction to the tape.  The tape is a 3M medical skin contact tape of the highest quality, but some people’s skin can react to the adhesive or when the skin cannot breath.  To minimize this possibility, we add perforations to the skin contact area.  This allows the skin to breathe a little easier while retaining the water proof properties of the patch that allow you to shower with the patch on.  The tape can cause a reddening of the skin and a sunburn or itching feeling.  If you experience this, remove the patch and wash the area with mild soap and water.  Your skin is more likely to react if the skin has already been irritated by sun exposure, abrasion, harsh chemicals like alcohol or if you have particularly sensitive skin.  The itching or burning typically goes away quickly.  Sometimes a mark is left on the skin, but it also goes away with time.  Some of our customers feel that, even though they get some discomfort from the tape, that the relief they get is worth a little discomfort.

To use the Relief Patch: