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See typical COA (Certificate of Analysis) for Relief formula

About Calm Patches

Topical CBD patches are a highly effective and 100% legal (in all states) way of delivering CBD and other helpful ingredients to the parts of your body that you want to soothe. The Serenity Relief patch has a reservoir that holds 300 mg  and can be kept on the skin for several days for time release relief.

We got excited about sharing Relief Patches after experiencing the life changing results on ourselves.  Many of the people who have used the patches have also felt remarkable results.  

Relief Patches work best for people who have muscle or joint pain.  Put the patch close to the place you want to soothe after washing and drying the area.  Most people feel a change in 15 to 20 minutes.  First, they find that it ‘takes the edge off’ and later, they are amazed at the freedom of movement and the amount of functionality that they recovered.

If you have no pain or the if your pain is associated with nerves or more severe issues, you may not get as much benefit.  No one solution is applicable to all problems.  We have been pleasantly surprised by the number of people who have told us how much these patches have helped them.  Some people have even reported that they slept much better because they were not woken by pain when they moved in their sleep. 

Give the Relief Patch a try, it could change your life.

Typical ingredients:  Organic  and pressed or steam distilled
THC-free distillate:  USA  The Broad Spectrum CBD contain 0% THC 
Full Spectrum CBD contains less than 0.3% THC
Terpenes: USA   These are essential oils found in Hemp and many other plants who offer some of their own benefits
Turmeric essential oil:
Madagascar Ginger essential oil: Sri Lanka
Clove essential oil: Madagascar
Frankincense essential oil: Somalia
Birch essential oil: USA

man doing leg presses while wearing a Serenity Patch Relief patch on his lower leg

After I injured by PCL in a judo tournament, my left knee felt unstable and painful whenever I walked.  It ended my sports carrer at 45.  I limped and lived with the pain for 17 years until I tried CBD patches.  I started on the outside of my knee below the knee cap.  Every few days, I removed the old patch and added a new one closer to the inside of my knee.  After a couple of weeks, I noticed the pain was almost completely gone.  I started walking more and strengthened my knee.  I still can’t run marathons, but after 3 pain free years, I am filled with gratitude.