Serenity Patches

White Label Patches

Serenity Branded Product
Your Brand with our oil or yours. 5K minimum

Generic Patches

Blank Patches Round & Square

Small quantity unbranded. You can customize
Blank patches: 500 piece minimum.

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large roll of our blank round CBD patches for Wholesalers only

Serenity Patches are our house brand with our own CBD formula.  We have 2 formulas, RELIEF and CALM. These are availble in bulk, 1 pack, 3 pack and 10 pk.

White label patches with your oil (must have less than 0.3% THC) or our house oil. These come wrapped with your graphics and an optional hot stamp on the patch itself.

Generic patches are ideal if you want to start with as few as 100 patches and apply your own branding.  These patches will contain our house oil and generic print with room for you to stamp your information or add a label.

Blank patches are ideal if you want or have to dose the patch in-house.

View COA (Certificate of Analysis) for Relief formula

RELIEF is used on painful muscles and joints

View COA (Certificate of Analysis) for Calm formula

CALM is used by people who want to be less anxious but can also be used for pain