Serenity Patches are better because users find that they are effective in reducing pain and helping in the healing process for some chronic conditions.

There are two types of patches in common use: monolithic and reservoir patches.  Serenity Patches are reservoir patches.

Monolithic  patches mix the active ingredient with the adhesive, coat it on a tape backing and are cut in a patch shape.  This is ideal and commonly used for very powerful drugs such as Fentanyl, nicotine, Estrogen … For less potent herbal compounds which diffuse slowly into the skin, require greater volume and compromise the adhesive, monolithic patches are less effective as most of the dose remains trapped in the adhesive. There is also the possibility that the oils in the herbal formula melts some of the adhesive and it may also be transmitted through the skin.

Reservoir patches are sponges that hold a significant amount of herbal formula.  The Serenity Patch holds 300 mg of essential oils including 100 mg of CBD, the most in any patch currently on the market.  It also has the largest pad area on the market and can be kept on for 3 to 4 days (depending on your tolerance for the tape).  CBD diffuses slowly through the skin.  Having the entire dose available over a larger area of skin for several days will ensure a maximum delivery of beneficial herbs in a time-release, sustained manner.

We have tried a number of formulas and doses.  The Serenity Patch has proven to be the most effective formula/dose we have found and it is very gentle.  Other formulas contain oils that may help get the CBD through the skin, but they are more likely to cause irritation.

We have looked far and wide to find a way to prove the superiority of one system over another.  The hurdles to clinical proof are beyond our means.  In the end, you have to prove it to yourself and try the patches.  Join the thousands who have gotten benefits from herbal formulas without the side effects of ‘drugs’.